Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but we’re proud of what they do tell. We’re a reliable, high-volume, centrally located seed provider that can meet your needs whatever they may be. Whether you’re placing an order six months out or six hours before you hit the scale, we’ve got the experience and the capacity to assist.

It’s the personal experience that makes K3 Seeds stand above its competitors because we are growers as well. K3 Seeds knows what goes in to producing the best possible crops and we understand the importance of choosing the correct seeds for the best yield.

Whether it is the latest leading edge technology or the tried and true, we can equip our clients with everything they need to have the most favorable crop performance. Partnering with www.realagriculture.com, K3 Seeds has access to the newest ideas, techniques and information so whatever you need to grow we can help get you highest germination rate and best possible outcome. That’s is another reason why our customers keep coming back year after year.


The state-of-the-art seed plant at K3 Seeds focuses on providing conditioning and bulk storage facility services to our business partners. We are fully capable of cleaning cereals and canola to your specification and providing you with the deliverable you expect. K3 Seeds staff know that different crops require different stipulations and we have the knowledge and the quality control to help our customers and partners make the right decisions. Whether it’s the farmer with just his own bin run, or the largest genetic company, K3 Seeds staff will ensure the quality and genetic purity of your seed.


Cleaning Plant



Online messages are always welcome, and we’d love to have a coffee with you and talk shop any time as well. Please feel free to contact our friendly team by phone as well.



K3 Seeds is a customer focused venture of Kolk Farms. The facilities and team you have gotten to know is continuing to operate with a renewed focus on the future.



We value our employees above all. Our goal is to hire and retain the best employees. We view the workplace as a place to be able to grow, learn, laugh and be productive. We encourage offsite educational experiences each year as well as on-the-job training opportunities.