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The following outlines potential strategies to try maximizing silage yields as well as address issues of harvest timing and risks arising from a cool season and early frost. K3 suggests the following combination of varieties to try and achieve these goals

25% acres planted to A3993G2 RIB (2025 CHU)

It is a short statured plant- rated at 2025 CHU it has proven successful with customers looking to plant corn on hilly terrain and areas with low pivot span clearance. It has the benefit of being an early maturing variety as well and can often be harvested in early September. It is a fixed ear variety and therefore benefits from higher planting rates- with some customers targeting populations of 40-45,000 plants per acre. Typically due to the earlier harvest window growers have been able to follow silaging by planting a winter cereal.

35% acres planted to A1017RR EDF (2050-2250 CHU)

It is a tall statured plant like Pride 1047 but substantially earlier and offers a better starch profile. The earlier maturity of this variety helps increase silage energy value without sacrificing top end yield. As a fixed ear variety 1017 also benefits from higher plant populations- suggested 35-38,000 plants per acre.

40% acres planted to AS1037RR EDF (2275-2450 CHU)

Replacement for Pride 1047 with all the traits of Pride 1047 and increased starch content. Typically best yields and stalk integrity achieved around 33-35,000 plant population. Or continue with your Pride1047 but Pride is strongly looking at replacing this variety with the AS1037RR EDF as they move forward.



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