Meet the K3 Seeds Team

Leighton Kolk

Leighton is an owner of K3 Seeds. For the past 32 years his main focus has been in Agriculture, specifically in the areas of cattle and irrigated crops.

Jordan Kolk

Jordan is an owner of K3 Seeds. His passion for dirt started before he could walk and a love for farming and all things agriculture related came shortly after.

Klaas Slomp

Klaas joined the K3 Seeds team in 2020. Most of his career has been spent in agriculture. He has spent many years in dairy farming, feedlot operation, cropping and ranching.

Andy Schalk

Andy joined the K3 Seeds team in 2022. He was born and raised on a chicken farm near Coalhurst. After college, he left the farm and pursued sales.

Alyssa Wessels

Alyssa joined the K3 Seeds team in 2019 as our Logistics Coordinator. She has managed many types of logistical aspects and has been in the Agricultural business for the last two years working with the team at K3 Seeds.

Nikki Hildebrand

Nikki joined the K3 Seeds team in 2020 and is responsible for advertising and marketing. Most of her career has been spent working as an administrative professional in the construction industry but then switched to the agricultural industry a few years ago.

Sean Churchill

Sean joined the K3 Seeds team in 2019. He was raised in a small town in Ontario and has been in Alberta for 12+ years. Sean has been working in the seed plant for over 10 years.

Ryan Williamson

Ryan joined the K3 Seeds team in 2021. He was lucky enough to have his grandfather and father bring him up in the agricultural industry and is hoping to pass on the information to his son and future farmers.



We value our employees above all. Our goal is to hire and retain the best employees. We view the workplace as a place to be able to grow, learn, laugh and be productive. We encourage offsite educational experiences each year as well as on-the-job training opportunities.