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AAC Awesome VB

AAC Awesome VB is a very high yielding special purpose spring (with a soft white kernel type) wheat with a strong agronomic package. AAC Awesome VB has good straw strength and and excellent disease package.

AAC Brandon

AAC Brandon is an awned, semi-dwarf CWRS spring wheat. It is attractive to wheat producers in the high yielding areas of the Prairies who desire a short, strong strawed variety with good FHB resistance.

AAC Canmore

AAC Canmore is a dual-purpose barley with desirable Shochu market qualities. It has excellent yield potential, standability and high-test weight.

AAC Carver

AAC Carver is the Yellow Pea perfect package. It matures early and has proven high yields. It’s a field pea with broad adaptability making it suitable for any situation.

AAC Congress

AAC Congress is a durum wheat seed that is consistently producing higher yields and superior end use quality. It is suitable for both dry land and irrigation.

AAC Connect

AAC Connect has a great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes. It has a lower wort viscosity and beta glucan content. It is a heavier and plumper kernel.

AAC Elevate

AAC Elevate is a CWRW variety with short strong straw, high grain yield potential, medium maturity, and improved protein content. AAC Elevate is also resistant to the wheat curl mite which is the vector for wheat streak mosaic virus.

AAC Gateway

AAC Gateway exhibited high grain yield, good winter survival, short straw of excellent strength, high grain protein concentration, and resistant to intermediate responses to stem rust, leaf rust, stripe rust and fusarium head blight.

AAC Penhold

AAC Penhold is a very short strong strawed CPS wheat that has high yield potential, improved protein content and good disease resistance. AAC Penhold is moderately resistant to FHB and has one of the best disease packages in a CPS wheat so it should be well adapted to all growing regions of western Canada especially those areas concerned with lodging and straw management.

AAC Viewfield

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It’s a top yielder with good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting.

AAC Wheatland VB

AAC Wheatland VB is a very high yielding semidwarf CWRS with excellent lodging tolerance and intermediate resistance to FHB. AAC Wheatland VB is also tolerant to the orange wheat blossom midge.

AAC Wildfire

AAC Wildfire is a bronze chaff, awned hard red winter wheat variety with exceptional grain yield potential and very good winter hardiness. AAC Wildfire also has medium height, excellent lodging tolerance, and is late maturing.

AC Morgan

AC Morgan is a very high yielding white hulled milling oat with excellent straw strength. In addition, AC Morgan also has excellent forage yield potential and nutrient composition.

AC Mustang

AC Mustang is one of the highest yielding cultivars in Alberta, and has a very good lodging resistance. It also has a heavier test weight, higher percentage plump kernels, and a lower percentage thin kernels.

AC Sadash VB

AC® Sadash VB is a high yielding and high quality, awned, soft white spring wheat. AC® Sadash VB was selected for grain yield similar to AC Andrew but in addition, has lower protein than AC Andrew.


Brasetto Hybrid Fall Rye has improved grain uniformity; quality desired for milling, distilling, ethanol and feed.

CDC Coalition

CDC Coalition is short in height and a late maturing barley. Its a good barley to grow in Alberta with very good lodging resistance.

CS Camden

CS Camden is a milling oat variety that produces excellent yield potential with a great lodging resistance, short height, and high leaf biomass.

KWS Alderon

KWS® Alderon is a very short, strong-strawed special purpose wheat with exceptionally high grain yield and late maturity. KWS® Alderon will be ideally suited to intensive management in the long season growing regions of western Canada.

KWS Bono

KWS Bono Hybrid Fall Rye is excellent for livestock feed and ethanol. It is very short in stature and easy to harvest. It is a market leader in cereal yields and is known for its uniform maturity and high falling numbers for milling.

KWS Gatano

KWS Gatano brings an outstanding combination of enhanced ergot resistance and consistently high yields, making it the most popular hybrid fall rye variety among growers.

KWS Progas

KWS Progas is a hybrid fall rye made for the forage producer. Silage or grazing, this hybrid produces leading forage biomass with high digestibility.


Metzger is an awnletted (reduced awn expression) standard height winter triticale line intended for use as a feed grain conserved forage, grazing and potentially for industrial use.



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