AAC Brandon

Supplier: SeCan

Well adapted across Western Canada

Height 1 cm shorter than AC® Carberry -

1/2 day earlier maturing than AC® Carberry

MR (“Good” rating) to fusarium headblight - R to Leaf Rust, Stem Rust and loose smut

Large seed size, similar to Superb • ½ day earlier maturing compared to AC® Carberry

Good leaf and stem rust resistance

AAC Brandon is an awned, semi-dwarf CWRS spring wheat. It is attractive to wheat producers in the high yielding areas of the Prairies who desire a short, strong strawed variety with good FHB resistance.

Similar lodging tolerance and disease resistance to AC® Carberry with higher yield index, shorter straw and earlier maturity. First commercially released in Western Canada in 2015. Introduced to Northeastern Ontario for its positive yield, agronomic and grain qualities.



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